Published in Collected Works

The first project undertaken by the Institute’s Board of Directors, immediately following the foundation of the Institute in 1959, was the publication of the Collected Works of M. Triandaphyllidis. Manolis Triandaphyllidis himself states in his will: "I stipulate that the publication of my Collected Works must be the first task to be performed by the Institute’s Board of Directors, taking care, I am sure, to present my work in the best way possible."

M. Triandaphyllidis’ Collected Works were published in nine volumes (eight volumes consisting of his works, plus the General Index volume) between 1960 and 1969. In accordance with his will, all his works, larger and smaller ones, which were scattered in various books, pamphlets and journals, were included in these volumes.

Most of the volumes are still available in hardcopy. However, it was deemed necessary to make most of this work available on the internet, in pdf format, so that readers who wish to familiarize themselves with the work of the Institute’s founder can have free access to it.

Collected Works, 1st vol.

Collected Works, 2nd vol.

Collected Works, 3rd vol.

Collected Works, 4th vol.

Collected Works, 5th vol.

Collected Works, 6th vol.

Collected Works, 7th vol.

Collected Works, 8th vol.

Collected Works, General Index