Piccola Grammatica Neogreca (Italian translation)


M. Triandafillidis

ISBN 978-960-231-075-5

Edition: 2015

Pages: xvi + 268


As part of its series on the teaching of Modern Greek as a second language, the Institute of Modern Greek Studies has published a number of translations of M. Triandaphyllidis’ Concise Grammar of Modern Greek into various languages. These translations include all the additions and modifications made in the school grammar of the Schoolbook Publishing Organization.

Most of the translators are academics and native speakers of the language into which the book has been translated.

Full title Piccola Grammatica Neogreca (Italian translation)
Author M. Triandafillidis
Editing / Translation M. Caracausi (transl.)
Edition 1st ed. 1995, 1st repr. 2015
ISBN 978-960-231-075-5
Pages xvi + 268
Size 17x24
Weight 0,488
Binding paperback