Teaching Greek as a Second/Foreign Language

Project director:
Panagiotis Andreou (PhD Student), associate

Project team:
Dr. Nikos Amvrazis, freelancer
Eleni Koulali, freelancer
Dr. Christina Malingoudi, freelancer
Argyro Mavroudi, freelancer
Dr. Irene Sechidou, freelancer

The strong interest that the Institute has in teaching Greek as a second/foreign language began in 1973 with the publication of the textbook Modern Greek for foreigners and continued unabated in the coming decades by publishing a complete series of textbooks. The most recently published book of this series is the There you go! Workbook, published in 2013 and written by members of the teaching staff of the School of Modern Greek Language of the A.U.TH.

The Institute also collaborates with the Direct Archdiocesan District Office of Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. This collaboration began in 2008, in the course of the preparation of the annual Comprehensive Examination in Modern Greek (Checkpoint B) for Regents credits and has continued growing ever since. The Modern Greek Language Curricula (Checkpoint A & B) is the result of this long and extremely productive collaboration. The Curricula are in adherence with the standards of the New York State Education Department for the teaching of foreign languages (New York State Department of Education Syllabus: Modern Languages for Communication).

Renewing its interest in teaching Greek as a second/foreign language, the Institute has set up a project group for the development of new educational materials, taking always into consideration the recent trends in language learning.