Bibliography for the Greek language

Project director:
George Papanastassiou, Director

Research team:
Panagiotis Andreou (PhD Student), Associate
Kiki Tsalakanidou (PhD Student), Associate

The Bibliography for the Greek language is an information system which allows (simple and advanced) search of bibliographic data concerning the Greek language and its synchronic or diachronic description. It draws upon a data base containing approximately 22.000 titles.

Particular emphasis is placed on the description of the Greek language from the Hellenistic period to the present day, without, however, neglecting data regarding previous historical periods of the language, particularly when these could prove useful to researchers of Modern Greek.

The user can run a search based on the following data: author’s name, title, volume (of journal, collective edition, conference proceedings), year of publication, topic, language. The search results also give the place of publication, the publisher’s name, reviews and other information, e.g. later editions or reprints.