Conference Proceedings "1976-2011: 35 years since the Language-educational Reform"

Panhellenic Scientific-Anniversary Conference


35 years since the Language-educational Reform"

(Dion, Pieria, 4-6 November 2011)


1976 was the year that the Greek educational system, but also Greek society, witnessed the most significant, most democratic and most human-centered language-educational reform of the past one hundred years.

We, the people who grew up during this reform and experienced its benefits, from the positions we occupy, wanted to honor it by organizing a scientific-anniversary conference. Many of the intellectuals who contributed to the implementation of the reform, supported it or follow it with their publications and their action, participated in this event.

in collaboration with

the Center for the Greek language,

the Institute of Modern Greek Studies (Manolis Triandaphyllidis Foundation)

jointly organized the conference:


(Dion, Pieria, 4-6 November 2011)


Opening Ceremony  • Papers

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